Likeminds is a well-curated weekend of speakers, music, workshops, food, and drink. Since 2016, our goal has been to bring together people of all backgrounds to explore a single theme through each other's work.

August 26-28 2022. for announcements.

6.0 Theme
This Likeminds theme is multitudes– spanning from the self to our oceans, the internet, architectures, society, non-binary thinking, and more.
Cabin tickets, Tent tickets, and Group Cabins available. Cabins include a large bunkbed with linens, and each cabin has its own bathroom with showers. Shared bathrooms and showers are also provided for tenters. For tent tickets please BYOTent, sleeping bag, etc.
All tickets are for the full weekend, Friday afternoon to Sunday at noon and include all programming (speakers, music, yoga) and all food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks) and drinks (alcoholic and non alcoholic). Bring sneakers, bug spray, and swim stuff, there's lots of nature to explore– this is a summer camp! All ticket holders must be fully vaccinated + boosted.
Sep 20–22 (2019)
Fishkill, NY
Speakers:Alan Pierson, Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levi, Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz, David Reinfurt, Scott Thrift, Kari Jacobsen, Mark CharlesMusic:Will Fox, Cross Record, Okay Kaya, Alan Pierson & Friends, Zsela, Standing On The Corner, Acid Camp
Tie Dye shirtBranded socks
Aug 24–26 (2018)
Fishkill. NY
Speakers:Stanislava Pinchuk, Eike König, Grilli Type, Adam Valen-Levinson, Vincent Woo, Bobby Rogers, The Smudge, Hatim Belyamani, Harry Gassel & Ross Simonini, Joel Evey, Open Source Lightning Round, Tim Lahan, Circle of Health International, Designing a Better Food FutureMusic:Bedouine, Photay, Mary Lattimore, Orion Sun, HAT, Andy Jenkins
Sept 15–17 (2017)
Fishkill, NY
Speakers:Ping Zhu, Lauren Duca, Andrew Sliwinski, Sam Valenti IV, Apartamento, Seth Kranzler, Katie Reisner, Growing Green, Funded, Forest, Max Hawkins, 1m1w1d, Randy Hunt, Heather LuipoldMusic:Steve Gunn, London O’Connor, Julie Byrne, Aeriel East, Maria Usbeck, Mr. Twin Sister
AUG 26–28 (2016)
Speakers:Sougwen Chung, Leta Soberiajski & Wade Jeffree, Lotta Nieminen, Mike Perry, Matthew Daniels, Adam J. Kurtz, Anna Wolf & Lisa Butterworth, PlayLab, Ben Dickinson, Sanctuary ComputerMusic:Prince Rama, Angel Deradoorian, Sound of Ceres, Cut Worms, Sullen Prospector, Uni Ai Kai