is well-curated weekend of speakers, music, workshops, food, and drink. Since 2016, our goal has been to bring together people of all backgrounds to explore a single theme through each-others work.

For the first time ever IS coming to LOs ANGELES, 27-29 March (2020). for announcements.

Sep 20–22 (2019)
Fishkill, NY
Speakers:Alan Pierson, Che-Wei Wang & Taylor Levi, Nicholas Paul Brysiewicz, David Reinfurt, Scott Thrift, Kari Jacobsen, Mark CharlesMusic:Will Fox, Cross Record, Okay Kaya, Alan Pierson & Friends, Zsela, Standing On The Corner, Acid Camp
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Aug 24–26 (2018)
Fishkill. NY
Speakers:Stanislava Pinchuk, Eike König, Grilli Type, Adam Valen-Levinson, Vincent Woo, Bobby Rogers, The Smudge, Hatim Belyamani, Harry Gassel & Ross Simonini, Joel Evey, Open Source Lightning Round, Tim Lahan, Circle of Health International, Designing a Better Food FutureMusic:Bedouine, Photay, Mary Lattimore, Orion Sun, HAT, Andy Jenkins
Sept 15–17 (2017)
Fishkill, NY
Speakers:Ping Zhu, Lauren Duca, Andrew Sliwinski, Sam Valenti IV, Apartamento, Seth Kranzler, Katie Reisner, Growing Green, Funded, Forest, Max Hawkins, 1m1w1d, Randy Hunt, Heather LuipoldMusic:Steve Gunn, London O’Connor, Julie Byrne, Aeriel East, Maria Usbeck, Mr. Twin Sister
AUG 26–28 (2016)
Speakers:Sougwen Chung, Leta Soberiajski & Wade Jeffree, Lotta Nieminen, Mike Perry, Matthew Daniels, Adam J. Kurtz, Anna Wolf & Lisa Butterworth, PlayLab, Ben Dickinson, Sanctuary ComputerMusic:Prince Rama, Angel Deradoorian, Sound of Ceres, Cut Worms, Sullen Prospector, Uni Ai Kai